Episode 20 - Empowering Women in Fitness: Paige Mataalii's Journey from Gymnastics to Bodybuilding Mastery

Paige Mataalii

Show Description

In this 20th episode of Fans of Fitness, we explore the compelling story of Paige Mataalii, a personal trainer and bodybuilder who transformed her life and now guides others on their fitness journey. Hailing from Raleigh, NC, with a storied journey through gymnastics, long-distance running, and overcoming personal challenges, Paige brings a wealth of experience and a passion for health and bodybuilding. With a Bachelor’s in public health and extensive nutrition and training certifications, she’s not just lifting weights; she’s lifting spirits. Tune in as Paige discusses her unique approach to coaching women new to the gym, her fight against eating disorders, and her love for crime documentaries. Let’s get motivated and learn from Paige’s transformative fitness journey!