From ASU to YLift AZ: Yarania's Empowering Fitness Journey

Yarania Rodriguez

Show Description

In this episode of the Fans of Fitness Podcast, we dive into the inspiring world of Yarania, a standout personal trainer who’s carved a niche for herself in the fitness industry. After honing her skills at the National Personal Training Institute of Arizona, Yarania embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, launching YLift AZ to reshape and reenergize how people perceive fitness. But that’s not all. Yarania is also a beacon of empowerment at ASU, being an integral part of ‘Girl Gainz’, a group passionately dedicated to supporting female students in their fitness aspirations. Join us as Yarania shares her stories of triumph, challenges, and the lessons she’s picked up along the way. Whether you’re looking to be motivated, informed, or simply entertained, this episode promises a blend of all three. Plug in and prepare to be inspired!