From Love at the Gym to Building Dreams Together, The Fitness Journey of Luis Patino and Renee Neishi

Luis Patino and Renee Neishi

Show Description

Welcome to another exciting episode of [Your Podcast Name]! Today, we dive deep with the dynamic duo of fitness, Luis Patino and Renee Neishi. Their love story began amidst the weights and treadmills at Vasa Fitness. Now, this power couple not only shares a life together but also a thriving garage gym, Build Body Fitness. Join us as we explore their personal fitness journeys, how they transformed their passion into a business, and the secret behind their success. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just looking for some inspiration, this episode promises to lift your spirits and maybe even your fitness goals! #FitnessLove #BuildBodyFitness #PowerCoupleInFitness. Instagram: @thegaragegymcoach