Kyle Weller with Well-er Rounded on Fans of Fitness

Kyle Weller

Show Description

Welcome to another power-packed episode of Fans of Fitness! This time, hosts Travis and Josh sit down with the dynamic Kyle Weller of ‘Well-er Rounded’. Fresh out of the National Personal Training Institute of Arizona, Class of ’22, Kyle delves deep into his journey in the fitness world. But wait, there’s a twist! Not only does Kyle bring his expertise from the gym floor, but he also strings in notes from his guitar-playing hobby, beautifully weaving it into his personal training and PNF stretching social media presence.

With Travis heading the National Personal Training Institute of Arizona and Josh merging the worlds of website development and business instruction, this episode promises a harmonious blend of fitness, business, and passion.

Tune in for engaging conversations, sprinkled with a dash of melodies and a lot of motivation. Brought to you by and recorded in the heart of the studio, this is an episode you won’t want to miss!